Jan. 23rd, 2012

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Fic rec post:

Drag and Lift by [profile] cantarina1 - Sam and Cam, gen. If you are a fan of Sam Carter or Cameron Mitchell at all - go read this. It's gen, it's set when they were at the academy, and it's amazing. As soon as I read this it pretty much became canon in my head.

Not Part of the Plan by [personal profile] virkatjol - Cam/Vala, NC-17. My [profile] clubstargate gift exchange fic... this combines my two favorite, favorite C/V tropes: Adria fic (baby Adria) and Kansas/Cam and Vala outside of the SGC setting. It's like Jo knows me or something...

Boys Will Be Boys by [personal profile] mific - John/Cam, de-aged (adult in teenagers body), NC-17. I'm pretty sure anyone on my flist that likes John/Cam has already read this, but it's still hot as hell and fun. I am still in that weird place of not shipping John and Cam, because I just can't ship Cam with anyone but Vala, but still finding it totally hot. Also made me really I'd kill for a C/V au where they're adults in teenage bodies with teenage hormones and Cam struggling not to do anything in appropriate (and failing).

On the Red Carpet by [personal profile] virkatjol - Ben/Claudia, NC-17. This is the fic that was written for me for Yuletide and it's based on that super hot pic of Claudia looking like a geek wet dream in the glasses and pigtails and gravity defying pants. It's pure blissful perfect porn.

I guess the butterflies are still there by [personal profile] sugargroupie - Ben/Claudia, NC-17. AU. Librarian AU. That is just... amazing. I thought working in a library put me off library AUs; nope. Not in the least. Because this one... still amazing. The fact that it's written by one of the best B/C writers around probably helps.

L’année prochaine a la même heure by [profile] bowlerhat_girl - Ben/Claudia, PG-13. Most of the time when I try to write Ben/Claudia, I do so trying to capture this same tone that she's nailed here effortlessly. Not gonna lie, more than a little jealous. (But not too much because now I have something to go back to and reread over and over.)


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