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Fic rec post:

Drag and Lift by [profile] cantarina1 - Sam and Cam, gen. If you are a fan of Sam Carter or Cameron Mitchell at all - go read this. It's gen, it's set when they were at the academy, and it's amazing. As soon as I read this it pretty much became canon in my head.

Not Part of the Plan by [personal profile] virkatjol - Cam/Vala, NC-17. My [profile] clubstargate gift exchange fic... this combines my two favorite, favorite C/V tropes: Adria fic (baby Adria) and Kansas/Cam and Vala outside of the SGC setting. It's like Jo knows me or something...

Boys Will Be Boys by [personal profile] mific - John/Cam, de-aged (adult in teenagers body), NC-17. I'm pretty sure anyone on my flist that likes John/Cam has already read this, but it's still hot as hell and fun. I am still in that weird place of not shipping John and Cam, because I just can't ship Cam with anyone but Vala, but still finding it totally hot. Also made me really I'd kill for a C/V au where they're adults in teenage bodies with teenage hormones and Cam struggling not to do anything in appropriate (and failing).

On the Red Carpet by [personal profile] virkatjol - Ben/Claudia, NC-17. This is the fic that was written for me for Yuletide and it's based on that super hot pic of Claudia looking like a geek wet dream in the glasses and pigtails and gravity defying pants. It's pure blissful perfect porn.

I guess the butterflies are still there by [personal profile] sugargroupie - Ben/Claudia, NC-17. AU. Librarian AU. That is just... amazing. I thought working in a library put me off library AUs; nope. Not in the least. Because this one... still amazing. The fact that it's written by one of the best B/C writers around probably helps.

L’année prochaine a la même heure by [profile] bowlerhat_girl - Ben/Claudia, PG-13. Most of the time when I try to write Ben/Claudia, I do so trying to capture this same tone that she's nailed here effortlessly. Not gonna lie, more than a little jealous. (But not too much because now I have something to go back to and reread over and over.)


Jan. 11th, 2012 03:12 pm
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I'm remembering why I haven't touched my lj layout in at least 5 years now.
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John/Aeryn (Farscape)
Rated R
~2400 words

For [personal profile] virkatjol and [profile] valhallalilly. (And also, for the [profile] scifiland Summer challenge.

Florida and Aeryn don't really go together. )


Sep. 10th, 2010 06:31 pm
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I'm primarily using DW to access fic prompt communities, so if you're looking for posts of any substance visit my livejournal! (I'm dizzydame over there.)
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I've been neglecting dreamwidth. :(

Anyway, I'm in New Orleans right now with Marcus. It's fun and all but... okay, I'm just vain enough that spending all night in a gay bar is unappealing. I'm fine with half an hour, an hour... but three hours? In a gay bar? Idk. Bit boring. And the music is loud and my ears hurt.

So we're back at the hotel chilling. I don't really want to go out again but I know Marcus does, and this is his trip. I'm just along for the ride. :)

I really want to spam the fuck out of this journal with Ben and Claudia. (Cam and Vala, Aeryn and John, etc...) I think that's the couple of drinks that I've had talking.
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I'm watching the Battlestar Galactica miniseries. I've seen it before and enjoyed it, but that was years ago and I never got around to watching any of the actual episodes despite enjoying it.

Now I'm ready to get into the series, but I thought a refresher might be in order.
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I just wrote my first Jack/Sara fic - and have absolutely no idea who to ask beta it. Maybe I'll just read over it myself and post it. It's only about 1500 words, anyway.

Hmm, hmm.
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I'm super excited for the Star Trek movie. It seems like every time I take a peek at an article of something about it, I find another reason to be excited. Paul McGillion, wtf! I don't care if he's only in it for 2 minutes, that is just awesome.

I actually had a dream about it last night. I was half an hour into the movie (in my dream) and kept wondering when the time travel would start.
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This gives me warm fuzzies. Also, I feel less like I'm talking into a vast, black void when I post here.

If you would like to spend an hour and a half a day laughing your ass off, go and download the Cort and Fatboy podcasts. Don't let the fact that one of them goes by "Fatboy" scare you off. Seriously, these guys - they're hilarious. They're geeky but they're smartass enough that they make geeky sound cool. The podcast is infitely better than the on-air stream because you get all of the dirty stuff/naughty antics they can't say on air, plus there are no commercials and no music.
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Michael Shanks and Lexa Doig were just announced for Dragon*Con!!

I've been happy about a lot of the guests announced already, but this is the first one that gave me that tummy tingling feeling of absolute excitement.
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Just a fair warning, all of the fic that I post here is going to be spur of the moment and entirely unbeta'd. Right now what Dreamwidth really has going for it as far as I'm concerned is that I have access to it at work. So, I do think I'll be using this journal.

I definitely not be leaving livejournal. There is a very good chance that things I post here will be later edited, expounded upon, probably beta read and then make it to livejournal. What I probably won't do is crosspost any personal entries. If something is important and I write about it here, yeah, I'll probably end up mentioning it on lj, too. But I anticipate most of what I'll post here will be absolute rambling and not really worth reporting anyway.

I do definitely want a paid account, though. Shiny, shiny icons. And as communities grow and I make new friends here, I might rethink the whole crossposting everything deal. But honestly, I don't want two journals that are essentially the same thing.


Apr. 17th, 2009 10:54 am
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Getting Nowhere Fast
Rated PG

They're not supposed to talk about this. )
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I've been working on my sj-ficathon fic. I've got it half done, I'd say. It's nothing earth shattering... the requests I got were fairly fluffy, which is nice because apparently fairly fluffy is what I do best.

Someone described my Sam/Daniel as "humorous angst" the other day. It sort of got me to thinking about where I'm coming from when I wrote S/D, as opposed to S/J. I suppose with Sam and Daniel I usually feel like the times they would come together, it would be out of some shared emotional experience. Sam and Jack have that inherent attraction to each other in canon that is easy to borrow from when writing, but Sam and Daniel have a different dynamic and I've fallen into a habit of using similar types of scenarios to bring them together. Save that very first S/D fic I wrote, it's always either alcohol or some sort of traumatic experience offworld. I'd really like to break that mold... but I'm not entirely sure how to do that without also veering into ooc territory.

Sam/Jack is easier to write for me, because it's easier to just watch a certain few scenes and get inspired. But I love Sam and Daniel and I love them together and see so much potential that I want to tap. I wish there would be another sd-ficathon. I work well under the pressure of a deadline, with someone else's prompt.
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Podcasts that I listen to:

Cort and Fatboy - This is the best hour and a half of my work day. They are geeky and hilarious and I love them. It's a radio show out of Portland, OR. I tried listening to this show live one day and it took about fifteen minutes before I turned it off. Sure, they're just as funny live but the podcast has all the extras and no music or commercials.

Gateworld - Only one hour long show a week, but an hour based around Stargate discussion? It's enough to keep me listening. The down side: the point of view on the show is extremely limited. The two guys that do the podcast (also the guys that run Gateworld) are Stargate fans but agree on nearly every topic, which sort of takes away from the whole discussion itself. It tends to be fairly dry at points.

Doctor Who Audio Dramas - Doctor Who 'episodes' in audio form.

Doctor Who audio commentaries (itunes) - Commentary on the newest Doctor Who episodes, by actors, producers, editors, sound people, etc. Extremely fun... but limited, of course, in that there only as many commentaries as there are episodes. But some are good enough to listen to more than once!

Stephen Fry's Podgrams (itunes) - There's only a handful of these, but Stephen Fry rambling in front of a mic for twenty or thirty minutes at a time is never not gonna be brilliant.

HowStuffWorks.com's Things You Should Know - These are only about five minutes each but I like learning weird little trivia things.

Academic Earth video lectures - Ivy league university courses via audio (or video) lectures. You do lose something not having a textbook or discussion sections but the lectures are still fun to listen to, and you usually get the gist of what they're talking about.
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I'm listening to the BBC audio commentary for the latest Doctor Who special, Planet of the Dead. The commentary is done by Julie Gardner, David Tennant, and... I cannot remember the other man's name. Whoops.

The mere sound of David Tennant's voice is already making me nostalgic for the Tenth Doctor. This recording was done nine days before Easter, so it's fairly recent and his little hints at the final two specials are both lovely and torture.

Random note: They use Avid to edit Doctor Who. I've used Avid a bit, but did most of my schooling on Final Cut Pro.

Other random note: Julie Gardner is absolutely adorable and for some reason reminds me of Philippa Boyens.