Apr. 15th, 2009

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Livejournal might be blocked at my workplace, but apparently Dreamwidth isn't! Which is lovely, since I'm horribly bored while waiting for someone to bring me more work to do.

I am having some issues with how it loads, though. I suspect the archaic computer (and the fact that the only browser installed is Internet Explorer) might have more to blame than the website itself.

Actually, upon further investigation, while the make-a-post page is wonky, I think the actual main page of my journal is now showing up more properly than it does on my Macbook using Firefox.

Lately I've been overindulging in Jack/Daniel AMTDI. I'm not sure why that genre with those two characters is so fascinating to me. I don't mind a good AMTDI with any pairing I like, but I've never sought it out quite so much as I do with Jack and Daniel.

I'm about a third of the way through the massive, massive Jack/Sam folder of fic (in word and text documents) that I someone on Gateworld uploaded. I don't know what I'm going to do when I have to actively look for Jack/Sam fic again.
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I'm listening to the BBC audio commentary for the latest Doctor Who special, Planet of the Dead. The commentary is done by Julie Gardner, David Tennant, and... I cannot remember the other man's name. Whoops.

The mere sound of David Tennant's voice is already making me nostalgic for the Tenth Doctor. This recording was done nine days before Easter, so it's fairly recent and his little hints at the final two specials are both lovely and torture.

Random note: They use Avid to edit Doctor Who. I've used Avid a bit, but did most of my schooling on Final Cut Pro.

Other random note: Julie Gardner is absolutely adorable and for some reason reminds me of Philippa Boyens.


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