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Best of Me

Cam catches Vala coming out of one of the officer bunk rooms at three am on a Wednesday night. Her hair is mussed and she's not wearing any lipstick and she looks entirely too pleased with herself.

He frowns, glares, stalks away and doesn't say anything to her for a week. Her reaction to his reaction is varied; first pleasure, proud to have gotten a rise on him, falling back on old attention-whoring habits. Then comes confusion and then anger and then they're at a standstill.

She screams at him. She yells and kicks and throws things. It's a hissy fit cousin Teddy's five year old would be proud of. And when she's all done with that and sits in the corner seething, he kisses her.

It's not sweet or pleasant or kind, because Vala is none of those things - not once you scrap behind the surface. Her mouth is hot and she doesn't stop fighting, just changes what she's fighting for in a fluid moment; she stops screaming for him to leave and starts demanding that he stay.

"You won't do it again." He says, every bit of the steelyness that he'd use on a pants-pissing cabet just to drive his point home. Vala doesn't cower, just stands a little straighter. There's fire in her eyes and there'll be some sort of payback, some time soon, for this but he issues an order anyway and is (fairly, somewhat) confident that she'll obey. "You need something, you come to me. You're my responsibility. You're mine."

He says it all bravado but it isn't until he's back at his apartment, on his sofa with his head in his hands, that he realizes exactly how true it is. She's certainly not Jackson's, not anymore if she ever was, because Jackson's gone again and no one ever knows exactly where. And who else is going to claim her? She's a thief and a liar and the mother of the galaxy's greatest threat and besides all that, just damned annoying. She's still at the SGC by the grace of Landry and the determination Cam. (And Sam, a little bit, but mostly Cam.) Vala is loose and untethered and like a child rebelling needs to know that someone isn't going to abandon her when things get rough.

Somehow, somewhere, that someone became Cam.

you are the worst news that I have ever heard
you lie so confidently
i'll sit and listen but i won't believe a word
you'll never get the best of me


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