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Podcasts that I listen to:

Cort and Fatboy - This is the best hour and a half of my work day. They are geeky and hilarious and I love them. It's a radio show out of Portland, OR. I tried listening to this show live one day and it took about fifteen minutes before I turned it off. Sure, they're just as funny live but the podcast has all the extras and no music or commercials.

Gateworld - Only one hour long show a week, but an hour based around Stargate discussion? It's enough to keep me listening. The down side: the point of view on the show is extremely limited. The two guys that do the podcast (also the guys that run Gateworld) are Stargate fans but agree on nearly every topic, which sort of takes away from the whole discussion itself. It tends to be fairly dry at points.

Doctor Who Audio Dramas - Doctor Who 'episodes' in audio form.

Doctor Who audio commentaries (itunes) - Commentary on the newest Doctor Who episodes, by actors, producers, editors, sound people, etc. Extremely fun... but limited, of course, in that there only as many commentaries as there are episodes. But some are good enough to listen to more than once!

Stephen Fry's Podgrams (itunes) - There's only a handful of these, but Stephen Fry rambling in front of a mic for twenty or thirty minutes at a time is never not gonna be brilliant.

HowStuffWorks.com's Things You Should Know - These are only about five minutes each but I like learning weird little trivia things.

Academic Earth video lectures - Ivy league university courses via audio (or video) lectures. You do lose something not having a textbook or discussion sections but the lectures are still fun to listen to, and you usually get the gist of what they're talking about.
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