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John/Aeryn (Farscape)
Rated R
~2400 words

For [personal profile] virkatjol and [profile] valhallalilly. (And also, for the [profile] scifiland Summer challenge.

Florida and Aeryn don't really go together.

John realizes a week in that he should have thought this through a little more than he did. He lays awake at night obsessing over things that he could do to accidentally get her killed; all it takes is one power outage, the air conditioning breaking, her getting accidentally locked outside on an August day.

He tells Liv he wants to move to Alaska and he's only half joking. Aeryn sits at the table studying the back of a cereal box and pretending to ignore them. John knows her well enough to read the tics; she's embarrassed by the weakness, suddenly finding herself on a planet of humans perfectly able to withstand the heat, the thing that John thinks is quite possibly the only thing that terrifies her.


(John thinks that's what terrifies her, but he's wrong. He doesn't know her nightmares are about death, and his blank stare, and years of her life stretching in front of her without him.)


He begins to play prison warden to her. She wants to go outside and sate her endless curiosity about the planet, restrained though it is. She likes the grass, and loves the rain, and he catches her one day staring out the window at the long stretching driveway.

"Hey, baby," he says, voice all full of false casualness, when what he really wants to ask is you won't try to go out there, will you?

"What's that way?" She says, pointing. "If we just started to- to drive. What would be there?"

He looks in the direction she points. "The beach."

That determined expression on her face makes his gut sink. He's already shaking his head when she says, "I want to go there."


When Aeryn Sun sets about to do something, it gets done.

She has Olivia take her to the mall and obtains the proper attire. John's vision swims a little when he hears her say that, and sees that smirk on his sister's face.

He spends a week trying to talk her out of it. He tries to convince her she'll hate it. It's gratuitous; serves no purpose. The kind of thing she'd have found pointless when they first met.

She points out that there are a great many things she would have found pointless when they first met, and her eyes wander with intent down to his crotch. John's face heats up and he lets his hands drop in front as if shielding his dick from her view, though he's wearing pants. He scowls and walks away.

When he's almost out the door she speaks again. She tells him she's going with or without him, and that pretty much ends the argument.


(By the time the day actually comes, she's not even sure that she really wants to go. His worries, his concerns, his fears have seeped into her mind and just like Crichton himself, she can't shake them.

She'll be damned before she admits it to Crichton, though.)


It's cloudy, threatening rain, and the beach is almost empty.

Aeryn looks awkward standing there, arms crossed over her chest. She looks smaller to John, somehow; more naked than skin revealed, something that goes deeper. He wants to hand her a jacket, hand her gun, make her stand up straighter though really she's not slouching at all.

So he does what never fails to make her comfortable; acts like an idiot. Stretches his arms out and hollers, because who else is going to hear? Just the birds and the fish. He spreads out a towel and gets the sunscreen out. She glances upward at the overcast skies and yeah, that's Aeryn again, nice and familiar, like an old black leather coat. Looking at him like he's the stupidest thing she's ever seen and she doesn't know why she puts up with it.

She complains while he coats her in sunscreen and doesn't complain when he cops a feel or two. He hugs her back against him and she pretends not to like it, but the fact that he's not flat on his ass means she's kind of okay with it.

He's kind of okay with her being kind of okay with it. He got her here, back on his planet, with him, and that feels like half the battle. Hell, it feels like a whole battle itself, but that's his life right now; one battle after another. This one, this one isn't so bad.


She dips a foot into the water and decides she likes it.

"Do you even know how to swim?" He asks.

She gives him a look like he wants to punch him just for asking. He thinks it probably says something about him that he gets turned on by that look.

"Can't imagine there were too many pools on PK ships," he says.

She doesn't dignify it with an answer. He thinks he still has a point, though.

Then again, he thinks, the size of that base... maybe so. Maybe he'd be surprised by what they had on those things. Babes like Aeryn Sun, hiding out in those bulky outfits.

He looks at her now, pale toned tummy on display, and thinks what a godawful crime that was.


"I like the beach," she decides. She's standing knee deep in water, gentle waves lapping at her thighs.

She says it wrong, a little bit. That same mistake she always makes, that one thing she can't get quite right; the 'ch' sounds like an 'sh'. The beash. It makes him smile, her little quirks, her little hints at humanity.

He stands beside her. She looks over at him and she doesn't try to hide her stare. She's regarded him like something curious for most of the day. Like she's caught off guard by him. "Admiring the fur coat?"

Her forehead scrunches together and she gives up on translating it after a minute.

He points to his chest. "Hair. Sebaceans don't have that, right? The men?"

"Nor the women." There's a hint of a smile on her mouth. She steps in front of him and reaches her own hand up. His heart starts to thud before she even makes contact.

When she does, he yelps. She looks satisfied with herself, still grasping a few of his chest hairs between his fingertips. He grabs her wrist, stopping her from inflicting pain but at the same time not letting her back away.

In fact, he tugs her a little closer. Her smile changes in tone, from mischievous to predatory, and he swallows. "Aeryn?"

"Yes, John?" His name is like silk on her tongue. He shifts a little, glad again that they aren't on a crowded beach right now.

"Keep staring at me like that, I'm gonna have to do something about it," he says. His voice is a little thick, a little rough, a little wanting.

"Maybe I want you to." It's blunt, because Aeryn Sun doesn't play coy. She twists his wrist and there's a flare of pain but before he can react she's got his hand in hers now and she's redirecting it, moving his palm to her breast.

He croaks out something and neither of them have any clue what he means to say.

It feels like Christmas and his birthday all wrapped up into one. Aeryn Sun, radiant as ever, putting her hands on him. Reaching into his shorts and liking what she finds, ignoring his half-hearted protests that they're in public. Well, not like it's the first time he's done this, so he yanks her close and kisses her. He doesn't want to do this backwards; his planet, his style. Her mouth opens under his, pliant without being vulnerable, and she tastes good. Clean and cooler than he expects, he always forgets that, but he warms her up soon enough.


He convinces her that they at least need to go deeper into the water.

She's an intrepid explorer, unafraid. She swims away from him (swims like she does everything else, sleek and powerful and quiet) and then stops, submerges herself. When she emerges again there are strands of hair stuck to her cheek, escaping her ponytail. He grins like the love struck idiot he is and then swims toward her.

"Thought you had something else on your mind?" He asks, circling around her. She pounces, moving fluidly, wrapping her body around him, legs around his waist. He struggles for a moment to keep both of them afloat but then her mouth is on his and they bob underwater, comical, still kissing, and he's laughing when they come back up. "Not fair."

She bites his earlobe and that's not very fair either. He's still hard, his body having adjusted to the cool of the water now. He turns his mouth and catches hers, cups her ass with his hand and laughs again. "I don't think we can do this, like this."

"You're just not being inventive enough," Aeryn says. "Your scope is limited."

"Yeah, I am pretty one-track minded," John mutters. "This why you wanted me out here?"

"No," she says, and John knows she means it. Aeryn's a piss poor liar. She doesn't often make decisions she's not ready to back up.

"We need to take this back to land," he says.

"No," she says again, and then she's squirming out of his grasp, supporting her weight in the water easily while she slides a hand under the band of his shirts this time and grasps him.

He grunts at the shock of it, skin on skin with the movement of the water, and then she starts to work - fast, efficient. He can't do anything but ride the wave, so to speak, tipping back his head and looking up at the sky - that gray, dark sky, still threatening rain, the air heavy with it. Every time he starts to talk the look on her face silences him. She's intent... knows what she wants, going for it. He warns her when he's close and she smiles and as cheesy as it is, that's what sets him off. That pure joy on her face, that accomplishment. He spills over her hand, into the water around them.

She lifts her hand out of the water and smirks. "Efficient."

He stares at her in disbelief, aftershocks of orgasm still coursing through his body, and then laughs.


The rain start to fall from the sky. John holds an overside towel out and Aeryn steps into it. She allows him to dry her off but he's only half finished when she whirls around, sinking her hands into his hair and kissing him again. it starts to rain harder and there's really no point in trying to dry off with the towel so he lets it drop to the ground.

"Oh, baby," he breathes. "You-"

"I want-" She forgoes words to kiss him again, rubbing her body against his.

"Yeah, yeah," John mutters, lowering her down to the towel. He kisses her stomach, a pale hip, hooks his fingers into the bottom half of her bikini and pulls it down. He stares, the dark glistening hair there, the flush of the pale skin there, the glistening of something wet that isn't from the ocean. He licks and she tastes fresh and clean, sweet and cool. It makes him feel like he's radiating heat, warming her from the outside in.

She spreads her legs and coaxes him, guides him with a hand in his hair, pressing up with her hips to let him know when it isn't enough. He slides a finger into her and her body welcomes him with a grip that he's surprised he could have forgotten. Years since he's done this, a couple years at least, since earth-that-wasn't-earth, but right now he doesn't want to think about the past, about anything that isn't what's right here in front of him. Fat rain drops hit the back of his neck, roll down his spine as settles more comfortable there. It takes him a minute to find the right path. She likes it a little harder, she can handle a little more than he's used to, but he meets the challenge admirably, not pausing until she's gasping and shuddering, her thighs clenching, stomach jumping under the hand he presses there. When she comes she turns her face to the side and he looks up and sees that pale column of her neck and he's giddy with what he's doing.


They strip without modesty by the car, changing from their wet, sandy bathing suits into dry clothing. She towels her hair and it starts to curl almost as soon as it begins to dry. John's fingers itch to reach out and touch it.

He starts to drive but stops at the first roadside diner he comes to. It's small, and the woman behind the counter doesn't pay them much attention besides a second glance at Aeryn. John doesn't blame her; everyone looks twice at Aeryn.

"What?" She says, not looking up from her menu.


"You're staring at me." Her voice is completely neutral but he catches something in it, something that he's in tune with. Underneath the table, he nudges her foot with his. Her eyes jerk upward in surprise and he grins while he watches her try to figure out what he's doing.

"I like staring at you." He's flirting, waiting to see what she'll do. She looks back down at her menu. That's okay. Two steps forward, one step back. He's okay with that. "Did you like the beach?"

"Yes," she admits. "Some parts... more than others."

He sits up a little straighter at that tone. Maybe they aren't going quite as far backwards as he expected. "Can't go there most of the time. You'd..."

Annoyance flashes over her face. "Yes, John, I know."

"I just-" His voice cracks, just a little. Apparently getting to third base turns him back into a teenager.

Some of her irritation seems to fade, though. She swallows. "I... trust you. To know my... limits."

John doesn't want to make too much of it, so he doesn't. "Yeah. Yeah? Good."

"Now..." Aeryn lays her menu flat and points. "Explain to me what a pank-cak is?"

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paian: Mitchell and Mal Doran (mitchell vala by lorency)
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Lovely, thank you! Enjoyed this very much.

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From: [personal profile] virkatjol
i love love loveeeeeee THIS FIC!!! and I forgot all about it. NOW I WANT MORE!! I love your john/aeryn sfm!!!


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