Apr. 17th, 2009

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I've been working on my sj-ficathon fic. I've got it half done, I'd say. It's nothing earth shattering... the requests I got were fairly fluffy, which is nice because apparently fairly fluffy is what I do best.

Someone described my Sam/Daniel as "humorous angst" the other day. It sort of got me to thinking about where I'm coming from when I wrote S/D, as opposed to S/J. I suppose with Sam and Daniel I usually feel like the times they would come together, it would be out of some shared emotional experience. Sam and Jack have that inherent attraction to each other in canon that is easy to borrow from when writing, but Sam and Daniel have a different dynamic and I've fallen into a habit of using similar types of scenarios to bring them together. Save that very first S/D fic I wrote, it's always either alcohol or some sort of traumatic experience offworld. I'd really like to break that mold... but I'm not entirely sure how to do that without also veering into ooc territory.

Sam/Jack is easier to write for me, because it's easier to just watch a certain few scenes and get inspired. But I love Sam and Daniel and I love them together and see so much potential that I want to tap. I wish there would be another sd-ficathon. I work well under the pressure of a deadline, with someone else's prompt.


Apr. 17th, 2009 10:54 am
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Getting Nowhere Fast
Rated PG

They're not supposed to talk about this. )
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Just a fair warning, all of the fic that I post here is going to be spur of the moment and entirely unbeta'd. Right now what Dreamwidth really has going for it as far as I'm concerned is that I have access to it at work. So, I do think I'll be using this journal.

I definitely not be leaving livejournal. There is a very good chance that things I post here will be later edited, expounded upon, probably beta read and then make it to livejournal. What I probably won't do is crosspost any personal entries. If something is important and I write about it here, yeah, I'll probably end up mentioning it on lj, too. But I anticipate most of what I'll post here will be absolute rambling and not really worth reporting anyway.

I do definitely want a paid account, though. Shiny, shiny icons. And as communities grow and I make new friends here, I might rethink the whole crossposting everything deal. But honestly, I don't want two journals that are essentially the same thing.
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Michael Shanks and Lexa Doig were just announced for Dragon*Con!!

I've been happy about a lot of the guests announced already, but this is the first one that gave me that tummy tingling feeling of absolute excitement.


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